Think like a Bug

Remember the childhood joke, “How do you catch a rabbit? You go behind a tree and make a noise like a carrot?” For me, the irony of this little story is about being genuine, the real thing, authentic; the little picture in the dictionary that supports a definition.

Over 35 years ago, I decided to invest my future in the Glass Industry. During that time I’ve had experiences from one end of the business to the other, from Automotive Replacement Glass to emergency glass replacement, to the design and manufacturing of premium glass products, to employment law. One of the fascinating aspects about our professional lives is that we’ll never know it all. I am still amazed, upon walking into a prospective new project, that there still remain new applications with unique challenges that require creative new solutions.

I have been an avid fly fisherman for years. I was hooked, literally from the first time I got into the cold water of a swiftly moving river. When I first started, I was advised to think like a fish. Thereafter the concept, thinking like a fish, has come to have several levels of meaning. Fundamentally, for the fish it’s about clean water, bugs and other food, and predators.

Whether this is a fishing analogy or fishing indulgence, you can decide.

Thinking like a fish was great advice. Thinking like a bug however, especially all the kinds of bugs that fish like to get old eating, has made me a better fisherman. To be like a bug around a river or stream takes some practice. You have to look as close to a real bug as possible. You have to move with the currents, emerge from the bottom or float on the surface, just like bugs do. You need to fit in wherever you go.

Getting a trout to make a move is much more than getting the hook in front it. Fish, like people, depend on their instincts. If it’s not natural and your sensibilities are not in sync with your surroundings they, and we, don’t respond very well. It seems the more luck I have catching fish is directly proportional to my skill in replicating certain of nature’s flawless actions. The more I practice, the more luck I seem to have!

How gratifying is it to have even one competence in one’s life? I’ve tried to focus on being the highest value provider in my part of the glass business, and that’s a multi-faceted full time undertaking. Whether it is raising a family, building a rewarding career or gaining proficiency in any other worthy pursuit, it is the discovery that comes along with the experience gained that can be so gratifying for each of us.

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